Oral history extracts from our narrators


Listen below to Shirley talking about her early years in Sandgate Road. 

Duration: 5' 25"

Listen below to Beryl talking about her early childhood, and about the bath underneath the floor.

Duration: 3' 53"

Listen below to Guy talking about his early childhood in Zimbabwe, before coming to England.

Duration: 4' 37"

Listen below to Lisa talking about her parents and about being brought up in Paris.

Duration: 4' 28"

Listen below to Rena talking about how she came to live in Sandgate Road.

Duration: 4' 13"

Listen below to Donald talking about his early years in the bakery business. 

Duration: 4' 47"

Listen below to Nick & Martin talking about their working lives in the airline industry.

Duration: 2' 3"

Listen below to Chalky & Claire talking about their experiences of the Great Storm of 1987.

Duration: 1' 33"

Listen below to Fred talking about playing games in the street as a boy, and about the daily milk deliveries. 

Duration: 4' 44"

 All extracts © Sandgate at Fiveways Oral History Project

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